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by gloria montero

One of the most remarkable performances on the New York Stage ... Allegra Fulton ferociously inhabits Kahlo's skin..." 

Village Voice

"Fulton was made to play this role." 

The Globe and Mail

"The heroic, arresting acting of Allegra Fulton makes FRIDA K. a brilliant and breathtaking show." 

The Toronto Star


"Under the direction of Peter Hinton, Allegra Fulton is riveting." 

NOW Magazine


"Allegra Fulton is consistently, almost aggressively engaging. FRIDA K. is a beautiful and surrealistic work that mirrors Kahlo's own art." 

EYE Magazine

"Montero's script is full of life and hope...finding poetry in Frida's ongoing dance with death. Fulton, in one of the strongest performances of the year, is infinitely matchable...Bonnie Beecher's dynamic lighting scores the emotional and temporal changes in the piece maximizing the dramatic impact of Fulton's astonishing presence." 

XTRA Magazine


"An uplifting triumph of the human spirit ... Frida is a rich and piquant character (and more than a little salty) and Fulton gives full value ... A striking resemblance to Kahlo..." 

The Globe and Mail


"Fulton's performance is a gem ... an entirely convincing and sympathetic portrait of a fierce, fascinating and independent woman." 

The Toronto Star


"A performance so controlled and yet intense, so fully embodying the character..."

 NOW Magazine


"Fulton is truly mesmerizing in her creation of a living, smoking and raging Frida Kahlo." 

EYE Magazine


"In Fulton's mesmerizing portrayal, the socialist Kahlo is always the performer, unable to indulge the sensuality that pulses through her veins yet devoted to Rivera and to the art which serves as drug for both body and heart." 

Plays International, UK

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